Jesus is our Hiding Place


“You are my Hiding Place……You are my Safe Refuge….” This sweet and wonderful song reminds me that the world is seeking for a secure and sure hiding place. Today many people live in sorrowful, suffering, unpeaceful, frustrated, sickness and loneliness. Everyday they may feel threat in the workplace, school, home, and community that makes them unsecure and afraid. This reality is so regretly because they do not know the true and the only hiding place in their life. Through this composition I want to share who is our true and only hiding place is.

King David, the Psalmist, described the meaning of the Hiding Place from Psalm 32:7 it says, “Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.” These verse states three meanings of Hiding Place. First, it means that God will preserve us from trouble. So, if we are in the trouble God will be with us and make us feel secure. For example, when our parents fight each others, we do not have anyone to protect us at that time. Jesus will preserve us peace and tough heart to face the trouble. He will make us able to be a peacemaker to our parents. Secondly, Hiding Place means that God will protect us as a shield to our life. For example, when our surrounding get sick and feel not well, God is able to give us a protection from all viruses and gives us a good health body. Last, the third, Hiding Place means that God will surround us as a strong fortress against the enemies that never be shaken. For example, if we are afraid who will guard our treasures and mansion, we do believe that God will send his angels to guard and surround because what we have belongs to God. The other meaning from Psalm 119:114 “Thou art my hiding place and mu shield: I hope in thy word” is that Hiding Place can be as a shield that is able to protect us toward our foes. Hiding Place also means as a hope to God’s Word. If we have Jesus as our Hiding Place, we can be more understand what the Bible says to us, and we have hope because Jesus speaks in our heart.

However, many people hardly find the true Hiding Place. They more concern to the worldly hiding place. Nowadays, Satan try to tempt unware people that they may incline their heart to the worldly things. What are the worldly things?  They include treasure, wealth, mansion, and many others temporally things. Otherwise, we as God’s people have a heavenly hiding place. We have it as a gift for God, when we decide to ask Him to be our only Saviour. God gives salvation as a best gift ever to us who believe on Him. Each day we walk with Him and be like Him, we may bear the fruits of salvation.

Here the deeper explaination about the benefit of having Jesus as our Hiding Place, first we feel secure. If we stay far away from God’s presence we will feel unsecure and in trouble. Then the other benefit is that we have courage to face difficulties. Jesus is always be with us, He will help us to be able to face difficulties by His strength. Only in Christ Jesus, we have a sure protection from all dangers in our life. We must always remember what God has promised to us, and believe that He will reveal it to us. Like King David, in the midst of trouble chasing by King Saul, he always asked God’s guideness and protection through all difficulties that he faces. While, he was in Ziklag the Philistines’ city God was always with him and protected his family and his treasure. As long as David obeyed the will of God, God would never fail him. The last benefit of having Jesus as our Hiding Place, we will be able to feel peace in the midst of trouble and pressure of life. Jesus will send His Holy Spirit to our heart to give us truly peace that can not be exchanged with any worldly happiness.

Jesus is not just a theory of theology, but He is a real individual that we can experience in our life. There is a testimony that proves Jesus as a Great Hiding Place. Once at a communist country, the army of the communist goes to a house of a Christian family. When the army gets in to the room of the house, he is very angry because he cannot find any Christian who hide in that room. Actually, there are three Christian who stay and pray together in that room, but the army cannot see that there are people in that room. As the people pray. They say in their prayer, “Lord, please protect us and keep us safe for the threat of the communist.” God hears their prayers, He makes the army cannot see. From these testimony, we can see that Jesus is real and He always helps His children who trust Him without any doubt.

So, how can we keep living in the Hiding Place? There are several practical ways that can guide us step by step. First, we must willingly to ask Jesus to come and reign in our life each day. When, we ask Him to reign and guide us each day, we will realize that Jesus is our only Hiding Place that we can depend on. Secondly, we always include Jesus in every aspect of our life. Jesus can help us to decide the best for our life and may solve the problem with the best solution. The third, we shall believe that Jesus will do and be the best Hiding Place for us. So, we shall never doubt about God’s plans for our life todays or for future.

Basic Literature 9 composition

“The Hiding Place”


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